Yorkshire Inspired Collection Gift Set

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 Mow Thi Lawn (fresh cut grass)
A fresh blend of dewy freshly cut green grass and herbs. Reminiscent of the first cut of Spring. Who doesnt love the smell of freshly mown grass. 

Silin It Darn (fresh rain)                                   step outside during the first storm, after a dry spell, and it invariably hits you: the sweet, fresh, powerfully evocative smell of fresh rain. The fresh aroma after a summer downpour is one of life's pleasing scents

Put Weshin Art (Linen Fresh)
A fresh clean floral fougere with notes of lavender, ylang ylang and green leaves leading to a heart of lily, rose, iris and mimosa resting on a base of sandalwood and dry flowers

Eldon Street - sweet and citrus notes, blended with bergamot, honeycomb, mixed berries, musk & vanilla. Similar in scent identity to 29 High Street by LUSH.

Four beautiful Yorkshire Inspired scents to help create a cosy ambience in your home.

8 section clamshell contains 2 bars of each scent. 

Handmade, highly scented, vegan friendly, cruelty free wax melts. 

Packaging is recyclable.

We are fully CLP compliant