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Fourteen gorgeous scents, one stunning collection.

Our luxury diffuser boasts a brand new and uniquely beautiful stoneware design inspired by the Southwestern deserts of America, this Mojave glaze bottle is finished with a muted grey and beautiful for homes that radiate a mellow mood. The rustic texture and dip ombre effect are created from the reactive glaze which forms subtle variations in colour tones, making each one beautifully unique. Completed with a gloss finish. 

H12.5 cm; Dia: 7.5 cm


3 x chunky nature fibre reeds

100ml bottle of reed diffuser fragrance blended with a natural almond oil base for a more eco friendly product

*made to order*

Ideal gifts for house warming, birthdays etc.One diffuser can give your rooms a consistent fresh aroma all day, every day for upto 10 weeks

Crisp Golden Leaves 

Fairy Dust 

Silky Sakura 

Spa White Lily & Damask Rose 

Wild Bluebell & Bergamot 

1000 Wishes 

The Caim 

Parisienne Spring 

Library Book 


Feng Shui 

Golden Daffodil 

Luscious Sugar Plum 

Amber Lavender 

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