Wedding Day Collection

Are you getting married? This year? Next Year? Enhance the ambience of your big day with our Wedding Day Collection. Simmering granules make perfect table decorations and the bonus is they smell fabulous without the need for a flame or heat....👉 safety first.

We have five gorgeous Wedding inspired scents available.

▪︎Peony Blush Suede▪︎Pandoras Box
▪︎Wedding Day▪︎White Patchouli ▪︎Sparkling Wine & Strawberries

Why not add a touch of luxury to your tables with a Reed Diffuser centrepiece. Our brand new scent The Caim, which translates as 'circle of protection' is just perfect to enhance your Wedding Day ambience.

Create your own scentsory package, do you have a special scent you wish to include on your big day, drop us a message and lets have a chat

Scents evoke memories, memories last a lifetime.