Why do my cones or sticks smell smoky or burnt?  Once lit the cones and sticks are designed to diffuse scent via the smoke they create. Our cones and sticks are made from natural ingredients that burn so it is normal to expect a noticeable burning smell shortly after the incense is lit and also as it burns out. Overall this doesnt affect the scent

The scent does not smell as described  All of the scents we use are manufactured interpretations, we cannot guarantee they are an exact likeness to the fragrance stated. Some of our scents are inspired by the originals, however we are in no way affiliated with the designers or the original products. Similiar name have been used as a reference to give you an idea of the scents

Can you use incense and cones outdoors? yes you can use both outdoors.

How long does the incense burn for? How long does the scent last?  Each cone burns for approx 40 mins and the sticks upto 90 mins. Our products are highly scented with concentrated fragrance/essential oils which means that the scents linger for several hours, leaving your space smelling fresh and amazing.

Are your products safe? yes, all our products are thoroughly tested and quality checks are carried out before they are packed and shipped. We are CLP compliant. Documentation is available on request. Please take care whilst handling the incense as it may cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water after handling. If irritation does occur please seek medical advice/treatment

Are your cones/sticks handmade? yes, the cones we use are bulk manufactured by the company we purchase them from, they are supplied unscented and we hand scent them ourselves. 

Please use our contact us form if you have any further questions or queries.